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Child Seat Buying Guide

Which is the "best" car seat?

  • No one car seat is safest or best.
    The best car seat is one that fits your child's size and weight, and can be installed correctly in your car.
  • Price does not always make a difference.
    Higher prices usually mean added features that may or may not make the seat easier to use.
  • When you find a seat you like, try it out!
    Put your child in the seat and adjust the harness and buckles. Make sure it fits in your car.
  • Check for Recalls
    Car seats are constantly being tested to make sure they pass the safety standards. Sometimes they are recalled. Check to see if your seat has been recalled.
  • Return the Registration Card
    When you buy a new seat, make sure your send the registration card to the manufacturer so you will be notified of any problems or recalls. The information on this card can only be used for recall notification and cannot be used for solicitation or advertising.

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